The GTH Group's human development project : To grow and develop together for each and everyone

It aims to achieve progress that is mutually beneficial to the company and its employees:

A higher standard of quality of life at work, particularly at our Paris headquarters, and seeking a new work/life balance.

The development of both professional and personal skills (soft skills).

Expanding roles and responsibilities in open organisations and cross-functional teams

Learning a high-performance culture by implementing more efficient collaborative methods in teamwork, project organisation, networking, and KPIs.

To support this project, our Human Resources team has redefined its priorities, broadened its scope to include development and renewed its action plans.

We aim to instil in each of our employees a pride of belonging, both in their business unit and in the GTH Group.

The managerial model, convictions in action

To implement its human development project, GTH relies in particular on its managers, who are key players in organisational efficiency, team development, and "working better together" within the company.

That is why GTH has designed a Managerial Model for its managers and executives that fulfils three objectives:

Create a common core for all our managers in terms of roles, work methods, best practices and behaviours

Be a source of managerial development skills

Become an evaluation leader for the annual review.


Structured around the three pillars of leadership, planning and steering activities,  

this model is divided into 8 key skills and the operational behaviours that go with them. It identifies the main managerial tools that we want  

to develop and become widespread in our practices.


All our managers, executives and supervisors have been trained in the Managerial Model. Each of them has defined an individual action plan to develop these skills within the company.


Who we hired this year

18 permanent positions in expert or support functions and 160 permanent or fixed-term positions in pharmaceutical or medical promotion.

30 internal transfers were made during the year between subsidiaries, departments or promotion networks.

9 young people on work-study contracts and 7 university interns.

Newly created functions and positions in support functions and expert positions

To support its development, the GTH Group has acquired new key skills and organisations and is continuing this effort with the recruitment of new skills and talents for the future:

Information System: Creating the position of Group CIO and structuring the central IT department

Data management: Creating a GSA Healthcare data management department with a team of experts

Digital & e-Commerce: Accelerating our digital transformation with the creation of the positions of Digital e-Commerce Manager for the GTH Group and CURAE LAB and Product Owner.

Marketing: Strengthening the marketing teams within the laboratories by creating five key positions: Marketing director, and senior and junior product managers

Management control: Strengthening the department and creating a Head of Management Control position

Human Resources: Creating the two Human Resources Manager positions