The GTH Group is a family-owned independent business active in the healthcare sector. This autonomy has allowed us to grow while remaining true to our values. We focus intently on human factors when managing our organisations and activities. By always involving healthcare professionals in its business lines, the GTH Group has contributed to numerous launches and brands that have become category leaders. Learn about the President’s vision and the founder’s


The GTH Group has adopted a development project that combines shared humanist values and entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to making the commitment of our teams matter, and to guiding their actions on a daily basis, by living our values.



By operating in all prescription markets, the Group has promoted its healthcare products to a very large number of general practitioners and specialists (dermatologists, gynecologists, urologists, homeopaths, etc.). The Group then grew its business by relying on the advice of pharmacists and the development of the self-medication market. More recently, the patient-consumer has become more and more involved in the management of their health. 


The GTH Group's entrepreneurial adventure is based on a vision and the management of our strategic projects. Our knowledge of our industry, our financial independence and our image have allowed us to successfully take over different brands and companies... and hopefully, to make overtures to new brands and companies. Our digital transformation is underway, and is having a major effect on both the business and organisational sides. Finally, although we are already present in more than 25 countries, we are accelerating the internationalisation of our business by capitalising on our teams and the technical (patents, innovations) and commercial (made in France) benefits of our products. 


Would you like to join us for our sustainable healthcare business, our entrepreneurial spirit, our development dynamics, our culture and our values?

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Over 35 years of success story

More than 500 employees, over 60 new hires this year and 20 internal transfers

More than 80 million in revenues and 83 million in equity

Strong international growth with more than 25% of our turnover outside France. To date, we have developed 30 international locations.