By operating in all prescription markets, the GTH Group has promoted its healthcare products to a very large number of general practitioners and specialists (dermatologists, gynecologists, urologists, homeopaths, etc.). The Group then grew its business by relying on the advice of pharmacists and the development of the self-medication market. More recently, the patient-consumer has also become more and more involved in the management of their health.


By always involving healthcare professionals in its development, the GTH Group has developed high-quality, high value-added health products that are promoted and recognised by various prescribers (general practitioners, specialists, midwives, etc.). The GTH Group carries out informational and promotional activities both face-to-face (medical visits, conferences, etc.) and remotely (remote visits, webinars, etc.).

Pharmacists (dispensing and counseling)

The pharmacist's role has evolved to better address public health issues (better management of outpatients: Pharmaceutical interview, diagnosis, vaccination, etc.). Pharmacies and parapharmacies hold a very special place in the lives of patients and consumers, which has led to the development of direct sales at points of sale. The GTH Group, through its entities, is a long-standing partner to pharmacists, ensuring commercial development, training, and promotion of all product categories present in pharmacies.


Self-medication products, family health medicines, dietary supplements, and medical devices have historically been developed with the recommendations of the medical profession and/or the general public. Today, while the dynamics of self-medication and prevention are developing, patients have become informed, expert consumers, supplied with recommendations not only from the medical profession, but also from public communications (press, TV) and the accelerating impact of social media (digital, blogs, influencers). The GTH Group integrates consumer support and information into the development of its products.