Investment projects

Our entrepreneurial spirit has led the GTH Group to invest time and again. The GTH Group will continue to invest in licensing agreements, product development, brand and company acquisitions, and majority and minority shareholdings, in order to continue its sustained growth with a long-term perspective: Biotech, international, digital, and more to come.

digital tools and data

Today, digital technology has taken on an inescapable role, revolutionising daily life in all its aspects. The GTH Group has begun its digital transformation for the benefit of healthcare professionals, patient-consumers, its partners, the efficiency of its organisation, and of course its employees. This digital transformation is based on implementing new working methods, setting up a suitable organisation, incorporating new expertise, and deploying new data tools designed to optimise customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Our digital transformation is being deployed along two key business streams:

The B2B STREAM, to offer healthcare professionals a platform that brings together a range of features designed specifically to support them as they face changes in their profession: Monitoring administrative relations, training modules, webinars with KOLs (key opinion leaders), market information, promotions, and more.

The B2C STREAM, which allows us to meet the expectations of end customers to allow them to get the products of our laboratories simply by visiting our e-commerce sites or major online marketplaces (health marketplace, Amazon), with the aid of all useful social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.)

These two streams converge towards a simple but ambitious objective: 

· Provide a customer experience that meets the market standards of today and tomorrow. 

· Remain close and attentive to the needs of our customers, partners and employees in order to provide them with the best possible support.


The GTH Group has accelerated its international development as it has grown. With nearly 30 locations outside of France, the GTH Group benefits from strong assets to accelerate its development: International patents, strong brands, a made-in-France strategy internalised by our subsidiaries (in markets where there is no other competing product made in France or even in Europe)