Learn about the President's vision

The GTH Group is a family-owned independent business. This autonomy has allowed us to grow while remaining true to our values. We focus intently on human factors when managing our organisations and activities.

By always involving healthcare professionals in its business lines, the GTH Group has contributed to numerous launches and brands that have become category leaders.

In B2B, "GSA HEALTHCARE" ,Gérard Sinabian et Associés, created in 1986, has become a key player in the promotion business in France and Belgium.

In B2C, "CURAE LAB", which innovates in the health market with high value-added solutions for food supplements (dermatology, nutritherapy and phytotherapy) and medical devices made in France (podology, orthopedics and contraception).

These two activities give the Group a 360° approach.

To support its expansion, the GTH Group is strengthening its role as a platform of expertise in support functions (human resources, information systems, finance, legal and digital).

These resources are allocated to the development of its French and international subsidiaries and to its strategic partners. The international market is a major growth area for the Group.

GTH - GROWING TOGETHER IN HEALTHCARE embodies the Group's mission:

Growing : shows our commitment to sustainable and ethical growth.

Together : embodies our belief in the individual and the strength of the collective.

Healthcare : our field of expertise, which is increasingly demanding in terms of what patients, consumers and healthcare professionals expect, but also in terms of quality and regulations. Our field is a stimulating and exciting source of inspiration for us.

Thanks to each and every one of our employees, I am convinced that we will continue to accelerate our entrepreneurial adventure over the long term with and for our customers and partners.

Growing... Together... in Healthcare.


Franck Sinabian

A man, an journey, an entrepreneurial and human adventure

Coming from a modest background in Lyon, Gérard Sinabian did not seem destined for a business career. Being passionate about the pharmaceutical field, he started there as an employee. He wanted to work independently, so he became an entrepreneur and created his first recruitment consulting firm. Following health trends very closely, he was able to accurately predict their course and on several occasions demonstrated a keen intuition for spotting services and products with high growth potential.

Meetings with recognised experts, such as Professor Montagner and many others, whose expertise enriched Gérard Sinabian's projects, were to follow. The arrival of his son Franck was a new milestone in the success of the GTH Group. Both were able to project the impacts of generics on the sale of other drugs. Franck quickly saw the importance of new branches such as food supplements, medical devices and dermocosmetics. Over the years, the GTH Group has become increasingly strong in these categories, always looking for innovation and added medical value.

To Gérard Sinabian, the success of the GTH Group primarily stems from his passion for his work, which has been the main driver of his career. In addition to his obvious personal commitment, he also stresses the importance of everyone involved each step of the way. Whether they are customers, employees, intermediaries or close colleagues, being dedicated to the work and having respect for people have been keys to his success, and his values are completely inherent to the identity of the GTH Group today.

Franck Sinabian joined the GTH Group with experience in management control and financial auditing, and has been in charge for more than 15 years, continuing to establish the Group in new markets, accelerating its growth in France and internationally. Gérard Sinabian, now retired from the business, is proud of what the GTH Group has become, and his passion for pharmaceutical news remains intact, particularly in closely observing the progress of research into monoclonal antibodies.